Who are you?

My name is Michael Hotaling. I'm a 25 year old male. I live in West Haven, CT and work in Ledyard, CT writing software for a Windows CE based mobile device used in Vibration Analisys. I write varous programs and scripts in PHP and C++ as a hobby. I also design websites, know html better than the back of my hand, and not to toot my own horn, but I have a rather impressive vocabulary which I rarely ever use. I do other things such as draw, and play guitar. Neither of which I do well, but practice makes perfect.

What is this site?

This site you have stumbled upon is a mixture of a blog and a software development site. I use it to spread news I feel like spreading, as well as to release various softare proejcts that I work on. Most notable is X-Tray followed by Trillian Tray Customizer. Perhaps in the future there will be others, depending on the nature of the amount of time I have to work on them. Only time will tell.

Where are you hosted?

I was hosted by DMA Host. It' run by a personal friend of mine, and comes highly recomended.

These days I'm hosted by TextDrive, so far so good...

Valid HTML?

This site was made by me using what I like to think is as close to valid XHTML as can be managed in this day in age. I strive to have as close to symantically correct markup as is possible, with emphasis on proper page layout techniques and acessability. Good design work can be done while still following the standards to a T. Now if only we could get Internet Explorer to play nicely.