Progress Check


By, Michael Hotaling

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I've updated the style switcher located in the middle panel to function when you have javascript turned off. Not a big change, but it's something that was bugging me. Most people won't notice a difference other than the fact that it now actually saves your stylesheet change, an unfortuante bug on my part.

The contact form should be functional now as well, though it doesn't give you a confirmation page yet, the emails do get sent to me, and I do read, and reply to all emails sent to me.

For those that are interested, I've uploaded the dev source code for the 2.0 work in progress. This is a complete rewrite of the version 1.* source code. I have a whole new direction for the GUI which you will hopefully see in a week or two. The code I've uploaded isn't actually functional yet as there is still much code to write, but it's up for those of you who wish to take a look. You can download it here: X-Tray 2 Development Version