More Site Progress


By, Michael Hotaling

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More updates and changes to the site, including a more polished look while maintaining the old layout. The calendar should now work for the most part as well. It doesn't yet list posts, but I'm working on it. After that I'll work on getting a comment system together. Once I'm done working on getting the site to 100% I'll get the forums back up. I'll probably be going with the new phpBB. Once I'm done with that, depending on how busy I am with work, I'll get back to work on finishing up X-Tray 2.0. I've got some real nice changes in mind for it, so keep your fingers crossed.

It should all work on Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Though Internet Explorer might be missing a few features compared to others. As always I recommend you view the site in a more standards complaint browser such as Firefox, Opera, or Safari. If your on Mac, and don't like Firefox, have you given Camino a whirl? It implements the Gecko rendering engine in a native OSX interface.